Respect . . .


A whole lot of people believe that they are due respect. Worse yet,is there is  more people that feel they do not have to respect anybody or anything. Let’s discuss respect. Respect  is earned not just given. People are subject to other people requiring  respect of them,when there is no respect due.  I love it when I see some little loser demanding respect when their life accomplishment  thus far is shoplifting the local mom & pop store and frightening little old ladies on a BART train. 

Some people tend to believe they achieve respect through violence.If you have to be violent to achieve respect, you lose. What you have is achieved is fear and loathing. Do you have to like a person to show them respect? Not really.It would help, but it is not required. Many people don’t like the President, but  they should still show respect  if for no other reason but their accomplishment in becoming President. Showing respect does not have to mean you agree with their politics.

Do not confuse Accomplishment with Accomplice. Should being incarcerated in a local jail or prison be a reason for respect? If you also incarcerated in that jail or prison, yes you  should. But not because the person can have you killed for a pack of cigarettes, but because he has survived longer in the system than you have.

Older men sometimes have issue with respect for younger men. This is a common workplace issue, where a older man is supervised by a younger man or woman. Usually the younger person has achieved the position they are in by accomplishment something  that makes their being in such position. It could be education, it could be better performance on the job, or even because he got the job because you didn’t want it.

Just having money does not necessarily equate to respect due, although many believe so. It depends on who made the money. Did you make the money. or  did your daddy make the money?  Respect is to the Maker,not so much the Spender.

I was reading an article in today’s news in which an 18 year old stabbed an old man. The kids reason the kid gave was because the kid felt disrespected by the older person.  First of all, if you are using the word  “disrespected” you probably need to go back to wherever you came from that has your head up your butt. The following  is for your consideration:    

The feeling of being disrespected is one of those things that often enrages people. … Since this feeling is rather subjective, I want to point out the great possibility that its the person’s thinking that is causing them to feel disrespected. This is often the case when the other person means no disrespect.

If you’ve been disrespected by someone close to you, use these techniques to manage their disrespect the right way.

  1. Live a life above reproach. The first thing anyone has to learn about respect is that it must be earned. …
  2. Practice equinamity. …
  3. Be kind and ask questions. …
  4. Take the initiative. …
  5. Practice empathy

If you  have been disrespected it is likely you have a problem. Not to be confused with disrespectful, disrespect, or you ain’t got nothin comin.

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