Making Friends With Yourself – Don Charisma’s Prompt

Thanks Don’

Rich Brunelle

Don Charisma

Today’s prompt – “Making Friends With Yourself”


There’s only really one person you need to learn to make friends with. Look in the mirror and you’ll see that person. He or she is the only one that truly matters. He/she is the only person who will ever experience all that you experience. So might as well be friends with your lifelong companion.

OR put another way, if you don’t like yourself, then why would you expect anyone else to ?

Liking yourself and being able to spend enjoyable time by yourself I believe is the foundation of being able to be friends with other people. A simple analogy is when they say “fit your own oxygen mask first” in the aeroplane safety briefing. Why is that ? Because you can’t help anyone else if you’re dead. Once I’m dead I can’t really be a friend to another. Simple logic.

Yesterday I…

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