Unarmed North Carolina man killed by cop – CNN.com


"assaulted him by unknown means,"

Unarmed North Carolina man killed by cop – CNN.com

With all the outrage demonstrated over Treyvon Martin, it surprises me there isn’t far more issue involved here. . .

Our subject story tells us of a young black man that had a pretty severe automobile accident. He had to kick out the rear window of his car to get out. Then he went to a nearby home and knocked on their door asking for assistance. The story does not tell if the neighbor provided any assistance or not, but says that the Police responded to the call as a “Breaking and Entering” report.

When the Police arrived the victim ran towards the police. Now, this is where it gets stupid. The Officer alleges that the victim “assaulted him by unknown means.” I have not a clue what that could possibly mean. Regardless, out of four officer’s, one fired a taser at the victim while another fired twelve rounds, ten hitting the victim, resulting in his death.

Is it just possible that the victim was running towards the officers to ask for help? He was unarmed, no other threat identified. So, why was it necessary for an officer to fire twelve rounds at the victim.

We really suck as a society. Why can we not overcome these racial inadequacies and fears and just treat each other as men? The end result thus far is a dead young black man, and a cop charged with “manslaughter” likely about to ruin his life also. Even the Police agree it a bad shooting and the officer in the wrong. But, that will not bring a life back or solve the reasoning behind why it happened.

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